NSFS Summer Workshop

Welcome to the Summer Workshop 2017!

Nordic Stage Fight Summer Workshop returns to Rakvere, Estonia.

Rakvere is the 5th biggest town in Estonia situated at the northern coastline. A proper stage fight town, Rakveres glory is the 13th century castle just a walking distance from the Rakvere Theatre where the training will take place.
NSFS Summer Workshop 2017 will be organised by NSFS and Estonian Stage Fight Society.

The line-up for the course is finalised and is thus:

Beginner: Single rapier- Ine Camilla Bjørnsten, unarmed-Bo Thomas, broadsword- Jürgen Wenzel.

Basic test: Single rapier- Jürgen, broadsword- Ine Camilla, unarmed- Oula Kitti.

Intermediate 1 prep and test: sword and shield- guest teacher Dan Styles, rapier & dagger- Kristoffer Jørgensen, quarterstaff- Bo.

Intermediate 2, prep and test: Knife- Bo, smallsword- Jürgen, Theatrical Martial Arts (TMA)- Kristoffer.

Advanced course, week 1: Fighting for film- Kristoffer, found weapons- Oula, spear- Dan.

Advanced course, week 2: Longsword: Oula, tomahawk/whip- Bo, Medieval mix- Dan


Book your dates from 10th of July until July 22th (arrival july 9th and departure july 23th)!  The workshop is organised by the Estonian Stage Fight Society.

Rakvere welcomes you to learn, to play, to enjoy!