July 9th: arrival and check in

July 10-15th: classes

July 16th: resting day, no classes

July 17-20th: classes

July 21th: training day and scene-work supported by teachers and assistants

July 22th: certification tests, showcase performance and farewell party

July 23rd: departure


Daily schedule, week 1


All levels work on a schedule of: warm up, two classes before the lunch break, two classes after lunchand then a warm down. The last class of the day is a Wild Card class, which will change every day, often with the option of choosing between different subjects.

The beginner, basic test (block 1), intermediate (block 2) and intermediate 2 (block 3) classes all rotate around the weapons for their levels. Only the advanced class changes the classes from week one to week 2.

Advanced course, week 1: Fighting for film- Kristoffer, found weapons- Oula, spear- Dan.


Daily schedule, week 2

Week 2 the students that are not taking NSFS certifications will have the 4th class replaced by training for a masses battle/ NSFS show case, which will be performed on the final Saturday.

Those students taking certifications will have the 4th class as time to practice choreography.

Advanced course, week 2: Longsword: Oula, tomahawk/whip- Bo, Medieval mix- Dan