Oula Kitti (Finland)

Oula Kitti is an actor, fight director, certified NSFS teacher and founding member of the Finnish Stage Combat Society. He has a wide background in physical theatre and has worked in theatres all around Finland after graduating Master of Arts in acting from Tampere University. He has taught stage combat and directed fights on stage since 2003. He has recently been the choreographer and assistant director for The Lord Of The Rings on Åbo City Theatre which included fight directing, movement coaching for actors, directing all puppets, crowd scenes and flying stunts.


Hilde Veronika Östensson (Norway)

Hilde Veronika Östensson is a physical actress, singer, dancer, director, choreographer, certified NSFS teacher, and Honorary Fight Director with Fight Directors Canada. She teaches movement, acting, dramatic combat and voice. Hilde graduated from the European Film College in 2004 and holds a BA in musicology and music/arts management from the University of Copenhagen. In 2014, Hilde graduated from Acting and Collaborativ Theatre / Linjen för Scenkonst. She has choreographed fights for productions in Sweden, Norway and Poland. She recently choreographed fights for Fiddler on the Roof for Malmö Opera, was a guest teacher in movement and dramatic combat at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and Mr. Pejo’s in St Petersburg together with Peppe Östensson.


Kev McCurdy (United Kingdom)

Kev McCurdy is an Equity Registered Professional Fight Director and has been choreographing across all mediums for the last 22 years. His work spans from workshops, personal training, stage, opera, TV, feature films, music videos, motion capture and video games. Kev is also Co-Founder/Chairman/Combat examiner of Academy of Performance Combat. Kev’s taught and choreographed enthusiastic amateurs as well as industry professionals such as Nicholas Cage and Ron Perlman and is now looking forward to meeting everyone and to introduce his ‘territory and realism’ work to the NSFS workshop. At this moment in time, Kev’s just finished work on Frankenstein, Hamlet, 2 versions of Macbeth, part 1 of the UK tour of Miss Saigon, and will be starting on the UK tour of An Officer and a Gentleman, A View From The Bridge, the 2nd half of Miss Saigon tour and at the end of July, Anthony and Cleopatra choreographing Ralph Fiennes.

Jürgen Wenzel (Sweden)

Jürgen Wenzel is an NSFS certified teacher, freelance drama teacher, choreographer, actor, writer, director, and the chairperson of Stagefight Sweden. He has been stagefighting as an actor since 1995 and been an NSFS member since 2003. Before finding stagefight, Jürgen trained ju-jutsu, aikido, karate and bujinkan ninpo taijutsu, the last of which he also taught. Jürgen has written and directed plays since 2000 and has taught stage combat and directed fights on stage since 2002. He was recently the animal movement coach and fight director for The Jungle Book in Sundsvall, Sweden. Jürgen is the principal of the NSFS Summer Workshop.


Kaire Russ (Estonia)

Kaire Russ is a certified NSFS teacher, filmmaker and actress working as a freelancer in Sweden, Finland and Estonia. She’s a board member of the Estonian Stage Combat Society. Kaire studied film and TV directing in Madrid Escuela de Artes e Epectaculos TAI (2005–2008) and studied acting at the Valla Folkhögskola in Acting and Collaborative Theatre course (2012-2014). Her latest shortfilm “Vill du ha sex?” was selected to the Norwegian International Seagull festival 2018. Pursuing her interest in filming and editing movement, Kaire has just taken an intensive course of Physical Cinema at the Dramatiska Högskola in Stockholm, Sweden. Kaire’s latest choreography work was Robin Hood in Kouvula, Finland.


Bo Thomas (Denmark)

Bo Thomas is an NSFS certified teacher, freelance stuntman, stage fight performer, actor and choreographer in film, television, theater, shows and live reenactment. He has coordinated, choreographed and performed in more than 250 productions since 1985. Bo teaches stunt, stage fight, physical performance and slapstick to actors, opera singers, ballet dancers, students, and children. Bo took an active part in the development of the NSFS Theatrical Martial Arts syllabus and has taught at the Paddy Crean workshop in Canada. Recently, Bo choreographed fights and stunts for the world premiere of the musical Prince of Egypt and taught opera singers in the Royal Danish Theatre sword fighting for Othello.


Lyndall Grant (Australia)

Lyndall Grant is Fight Director and Movement Director with a specialisation in Motion Capture and Performance Capture. She is a certified teacher with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat, member of the Society of Australian Fight Director’s Inc. and the founding director of Captivate Action Ltd. Currently she is the Tutor in Theatre (Stage Combat) at the Victorian College of the Arts in Australia and has recently commenced a PhD Theatre with the University of Melbourne. Lyndall trained as an actor at London’s ArtsEd School of Acting and works as a performer in film and motion capture. Recent credits include Alice in Winterland (Fight Director – Rose Theatre Kingston, U.K.), Vivid White (Movement Director – Melbourne Theatre Company), and Macbeth (Fight Director – MTC).


Peppe Östensson (Sweden)

Peppe Östensson is a trained performer and fight director who has been teaching and choreographing movement, acting and dramatic combat internationally for almost 30 years. He has choreographed for renowned theatres and operas all over Scandinavia as well as France and the US. Peppe has taught movement, acting and dramatic combat in different institutions in the US, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Poland. Peppe is founder of the Nordic Stage Fight Society and co-founder of the 2-year international professional training program in physical theatre Acting and Collaborative Theatre in Sweden. He is an Honorary Fight Master with Fight Directors Canada and was Artistic Director for The International Order of the Sword and the Pen 2001-2008. Peppe recently choreographed fights for Fiddler on the Roof for Malmö Opera, was a guest teacher in movement and dramatic combat at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and Mr. Pejo’s in St Petersburg together with Hilde Veronika Östensson.

All teachers will teach classes open to all participants, meaning that you can take classes for all of them in the workshop!