Hilde Veronika Høie (NO)


The NSFS 2016 Summer Workshop Principal.


NSFS certified teacher (mentor: Peppe Östensson), actress, singer, filmmaker and director. Graduated from the European Film College, and continued to work in the Danish movie industry. 15 years of experience working with voice, including a BA in musicology from the University of Copenhagen. Completed a two year education in physical acting and collaborative theatre at Linjen för Scenkonst in Linköping, Sweden.

Current interest: movement, voice, and creativity in all shapes and forms.

Some of Hildes fight directing work include:Washington Opera, “Appomattox”, assistant to fight director Brad Waller, Östgötateatern, “Scener ur ett äktenskap”, Ung Scen/Öst, “Revolution”, Sel Teaterlag, “Kristinspelet”, fight director, 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012, Maridalsspillet, “i Marias Skygge”, Maridalsspillet, “Svartedauen”, fight director, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007,  High Chaparral, “Zorro”, fight director, director, script, 2015

Hilde is unique because of her work with voice. She is exploring voice as a tool for centering fighters and have them working from their core muscles. She helps the performers to find how to  express themselves through the voice, to have sounds that are really felt by an audience, to use the voice to engage the viewer emotionally. That also has to do with the core, and having the voice and the movement go together so one doesn’t damage the vocal chords. So it’s safety, centering and expression.
Recipient of the international order of the sword and pen’s “Bear Award” 2015.