Kaire Russ

k15 Kaire (originally from Estonia) is an international filmmaker, actress, stage fight teacher – and a choreographer. In her work at the stage and in film she likes to combine all her knowledge from the different art forms, and this applies also on her teaching.

She finished her mentor program in NSFS May 2016. She is currently the newest teacher in the Nordic Stage Fight Society. Her mentors were Peppe Östensson and Oula Kitti.

Her latest works include fight directing “Robin Hood” at Kouvula City Theatre and playing the character Sara in the play “Love me tender, Love me true” under artist collection Donya. Currently she is in the pre-production of her next short film “She is a big girl…”

She is one of the three members of Estonian Stage Fight Society’s board and also one of the main organisers of the NSFS Summer Workshop 2016.