Simon Manns

Simona MannsSimon has over 20 years of working experience in stage arts and film. He has toured Sweden more times than he can remember and his artistic talent has taken him to to North America, Africa and greater part of Europe but has primarily worked in Sweden and Scandinavia.

Simon has mostly been on stage as an actor and performer, but has also directed and choreographed numerous plays and performances. His professional career began in Show/theater Group Ung utan Pung and has over 2000 played performances in the luggage. On stage, Simon has worked along side several big artists in Sweden. Kjell Bergqvist, Leif Andrée and Paula McManus to mention some names. The stage is Simon’s real expertise whether it’s about being a producer, set light, act, sing, dance or fight.

In front of the camera, Simon has appeared in several films and series where for an unknown reason many became award winners. Although this mainly as an actor but also as a fight choreographer. The reunion “Återträffen” is the latest major film.