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Things to take with you to the workshop

What to take with you

  • Training clothes
  • Indoor training shoes
  • Outdoor training shoes
  • Paper/pen/iDevice to take notes on
  • Gloves for sword work (these can be thin utility gloves from a hardware store)
  • Hygiene supplies
  • Medieval costume if you posses one (or element of it) for showcase. 15-17.century.
  • Swimming suit (Rakvere has a spa and on sunday it is available to take a tip to seaside)
  • casual clothing
  • party clothes



We suggest to fly to Tallinn or to Riga (Latvia). Ferries from Stockholm and Helsinki are also frequent.

Please check or for tickets etc.



  • The bus station is a short distance (1.5 km) from Tallinn Airport. The bus ride is approx 1,5 hours. The ticket one way costs about 10 €.

More info about buses and tickets: or


  • Railway station is 7,7 km by taxi or 15 minutes by public transportation.

More info about trains and ticets


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